Date: 8/12/17 11:38 am
From: <wforsythe...>
Subject: Henderson County recap

To recap this mornings very exciting observations at Super Sod on
Hooper Lane in Henderson Cty., N.C.

Ron Selvey and I arrived about 9:30 AM and were immediately joined
by James Polling. As we headed up the road into Super Sod, on the east
side of Hooper Lane, I immediately observed 1 American Avocet, a first
for Henderson County, feeding near a puddle. We watched this very nice
bird for 20+ minutes and took several pictures to document it! We also
observed 5 Short-billed Dowitchers,up close and personal, 1 Great Egret,
5 Green Herons and several Pectoral S/P. All of these birds were on the
east side of Hooper Lane, in the second field just south of Jeffress

Ron and I then headed south on Hooper Lane, and stopped just north
of the Mills River Bridge, on the east side of the road. While viewing
the east side of the road, a harvested sod field, I immediately observed
a very pale plover, resting on the ground. Due to it's pale color, I
knew it surely wasn't a Semi-palmated Plover. It had a short dark bill,
orange legs and a breast band that stopped at it's outer, upper breast.
Todd Arcos arrived and agreed that it was a PIPING PLOVER, my second in
the past several years, for Hooper Lane. James Polling and I took
several pictures to document it, most will not be real good, due to the
distance and lighting conditions! The bird fed very actively until we

Ron and I then headed to Super Sod located at Rt.#191 and Grandview
Lane on Rt.#191 in Mills River. After watching the clouds for 15-20
minutes, I had 1 probable Mississippi Kite! It was high in the clouds,
above some soaring vultures. Suddenly the bird dove and made several
very erractic moves, unlike the Vultures and very much like a kite!

Overall, another very wonderful day of mountain birding!

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