Date: 8/12/17 10:40 am
From: nic korte <nkorte1...> [wsbn] <wsbn-noreply...>
Subject: [wsbn] Collbran area Townsend's warblers and purple martins
At 8300 ft above Collbran in Mesa County, there were plenty of birds on the move. In front of an an impending storm was a flock of Purple Martins circling our meadow. After the storm, the next morning, I had several mixed flocks of mostly yellow and yellow- rumped warblers, but I did have a few Townsend's warblers and two Wilson's. I also had a Gray Catbird and Two Evening Grosbeaks feeding on serviceberries. Both of the latter are very uncommon at this location. Hummingbird numbers build to more than 20. Again, as usual for this year, and unlike previous years, the numbers were enriched with Black-chinned and depleted In Broad-tailed. At one point, at least five rufous were present,
Nic Korte
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