Date: 8/12/17 6:12 am
From: Frank Enders (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: Re: blue-gray gnatcatcher
Gnatcatchers moved in here, as well, in the last week or so; they seem to prefer wetter areas for breeding, and I just wonder what they find useable here, which has a droughty soil, though rains make prey available, I suppose.

I was surprised how difficult it was to see a nonmoving gnatcatcher in a bare-limbed dead tree, the long tail and bill making the bird look like a twig; since eyegnats (Hippelates) are more annoying since the rains, I guess there are gnats on dead trees, if they can fly into a nonliving automobile, as they do, to plague us. By contrast, mosquitoes have not been bad here. The eyegnats probably are worse here due to accumulations of humus from old chicken litter which gets dragged or driven out of the broiler houses from time to time, then the soluble salts get washed out and one is left with the humus used by larval eyegnats.

I WOULD CALL THESE LOCAL, PREMIGRATORY MOVEMENTS. Still waiting for the accumulation of White-eyed Vireos which sing here in August-September but do not breed here on these 6 acres.

Of course, I do not control the votes to determine whether to call this migration or local movements.

Thrashers could be another bone of contention. Merrill Lynch repeatedly states they breed and winter here. But they breed right here, and right now are not right here, and may well not be here in winter, except down in thicketier places (where they are in evidence with their threatening callnotes "roaar" morning and evening, even if not so visible)---just remembered I am distorting reality, one often is regular near my feeders trying to peck a hole in the ground in dead of winter---still, there is a change in local or micro- habitat, thrashers being more in evident in open in summer, and retreating to wetter, denser stuff in winter.

Got thrashers?

Frank Enders, Halifax, NC
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Subject: Re: blue-gray gnatcatcher

Blue-gray Gnatcatchers are residents all summer throughout North Carolina. <>

That's not to say that there might not be migratory movements beginning, of course.

Kent Fiala

On 8/10/2017 6:41 PM, Peter Quadarella (via carolinabirds Mailing List) wrote:
Three of them showed up in my yard yesterday, along with a Pewee I had not seen before. It feels like there is some movement happening.

Peter Quadarella
Weddington, NC

On Thu, Aug 10, 2017 at 5:28 PM, Betsy Kane <carolinabirds...><mailto:<carolinabirds...>> wrote:
I believe I heard the wheezy call of a blue-gray gnatcatcher in my yard yesterday, August 9. Wondered if anyone else is hearing them, and whether it's time for them to come back through?

Betsy Kane
Raleigh, N.C.

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