Date: 8/12/17 4:02 am
From: Matt Curran <mcurran1...>
Subject: Bird Habitat - Ambrosia Beetle Question - North Raleigh
Good morning,

I have a few bird feeders in my yard and actively enjoy birding without
using pesticides/insecticides to keep the yard as natural as possible.

Last night my daughter pointed out to me some "worms" coming out of my crepe
myrtle. I quickly found the issue was ambrosia beetles and they are bad

I'm going out this morning to purchase something to prevent the spread of
them and have been told by an arborist that I should treat other trees as
well to prevent the spread. I realize that once they are in, insecticides
don't help, but they will kill what is on the outside and help prevent the

Any suggestions/advice? I don't like to use strong chemicals, but in this
situation, it appears to be the best solution. I'm not convinced organic
problems will do anything.

Matt Curran

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