Date: 8/11/17 8:05 pm
From: Alan Hopkins <alanhopkins...> [SFBirds] <SFBirds-noreply...>
Subject: [SFBirds] Cook's Petrel?
Today on a trip from Pillar Point to the Farallones I saw abird that I believe was a Cooks Petrel. I was watching a Sooty Shearwater whena pale tubenose flew in front of the sooty. The bird was clearly smaller thanthe sooty shearwater. It flew into a sharp high bounding arch that was tighterand faster than the sooty. Overall the dorsal side of bird was gray with a dark“M” going from the primaries across the back and it had a short dark tail. Ionly saw it for one arc about two seconds before I lost it due to swell and abouncing boat. We were still inshore of the Farallones (10 miles?) no one elsesaw the bird. At the islands we had great looks at the Blue footed Boobybut couldn’t find the others. Numerous Puffins and thousands of Cassin’s Auklets.At the shelf we had 12+ Black-footed Albatross, . many Pink-foot and SootyShearwaters. We had a few Ashy Storm petrels in SF County but had 5 or moreWilson’s Storm Petrels in San Mateo County in with a few Ashys. Outstandingwhale action with Humpback, Blue and Gray. White-sided Dolphin and HarborPorpoise.Alan Hopkins
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