Date: 8/11/17 6:12 pm
From: J Rothe <jennifer.a.rothe...>
Subject: [obol] Re: some more forensic birding in Yamhill...three sets of different feathers
The remigial feathers in the first set of photos are certainly barred, but
they don't look right for COHA to me. From what I can make out in the
photo, they appear to be rather delicate looking: soft, too curved, with
more of a diffuse pattern than I'd expect for even the subtler secondaries
of a Coops (See feather atlas:

More problematic to me, though, are the body feathers. The barring in your
photos looks dark greyish to me... I'd concede a dark brown maybe, but
certainly not rufous. I'd say that fairly solidly rules out Coops.

My suspicion is that his may have been another domestic gallinaceous
victim... perhaps an acquaintance of bird #2??


Jen Rothe
Lincoln County

On Fri, Aug 4, 2017 at 2:29 PM, Harry Fuller <atowhee...> wrote:

> One set I am very unsure of, comments welcomed...and I am not perfectly
> satisfied with Coop's remains, for that matter but can come up with nothing
> more apropos...
> in-forensic-birding/
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