Date: 8/10/17 4:08 pm
From: 'Vicky Sroczynski' <vsroczynski...> [ILbirds] <ILbirds-noreply...>
Subject: IBET Rock Island County-Zuma Creek Flats Shorebirds and Black Terns- highlight and lowlight
Hi all, just wanted to thank Steve Freed for his IBET post about the
Black-bellied Whistling Duck at Zuma Creek Flats, which I went to look for
today and did not re-find. But it was a beautiful place to bird-the
highlight for me was watching about 21 Black Terns, mostly juveniles,
foraging in a flooded cornfield. Shorebirds I could see included both
yellowlegs, many Pecs, Least and Semipalmated Sandpipers, Killdeer, and a
couple Semipalmated Plovers. There were shorebirds on the east side of the
fluddle I could not make out, even with my scope. I think this is a good
place to keep checking-there are different levels of water, plenty of cover,
and mud. It seemed like each row of corn stubble had many shorebirds to sort
through. There were also about 40 Great Egrets, Ring-bills, and an immature
Bald Eagle.

Please note: Google Maps will direct you to take 88 to where it ends
westbound, suggest you turn around, and take the first exit eastbound to
access the hotspot. The bridge for the southbound turn-around was closed
for construction today. I drove 2 North, instead, and the next road south,
226N, was closed, like Steve said, but looked okay-I didn't take it, but
continued east to 248th St. N and drove south-this gets you right near lots
of shorebirds, with a rare passing car.

The "lowlight" of the trip was getting a cracked windshield driving past the
Midway Stone quarry, my second one this summer while I have
removed the curse. you can pass by safely now.

Happy Birding!

Vicky Sroczynski

DuPage County

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