Date: 8/10/17 4:07 pm
From: Regina Schieltz <reginasch54...>
Subject: [Ohio-birds] Darkek Co. shorebirds
Today at Woods Road wetland a privite wetland along a very quiet road west
of 118 between Ansonia and Rossburg:
C. geese
Gr. Bl Heron
at least 120 Killdeet
at least 70 Pectoral Sandpipers
at least 30 Lesser Yellowlegs
1 Spotted Sandpiper
3 E. Kingbirds

Wetland on Ansonia Elroy Road west of 49
1 Gr. Bl. Heron
at least 50 Killdeer
at least 30 Pectorals
4 peeps possibly semi-palmated
4 Great Yellowlegs
1 Spotted Sandpiper

Hillgrove -Woodington Road east of 118 north of Greenville.
1 Stilt sandpiper
at least 20 Lesser Yellowlegs
at least 30 Killdeer
at least 30 Pectorals



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