Date: 8/10/17 2:42 pm
From: Jim Tezak <jjtezak...> [ILbirds] <ILbirds-noreply...>
Subject: IBET Goose Lake Morris IL
I birded Goose Lake in Morris, IL (Grundy Co.) both Tuesday 8/8/17 and today 8/10/17. The most interesting for me was a 1st winter White-eyed Vireo a Lifer.
Common YellowthroatEastern KingbirdWild Turkey (adult and Juvenile)Song SparrowHouse WrenField SparrowBrown ThrasherBaltimore OrioleWHITE-EYED VIREODowny WoodpeckerGray CatbirdCedar WaxwingRing-necked Pheasant (Juvenile)Northern CardinalAmerican RobinRose-breasted GrosbeakFlycatcherNorthern FlickerWarbling VireoBlue-gray GnatcatcherOrchard OrioleIndigo BuntingWilson's SnipePectoral SandpiperSpotted SandpiperAmerican GoldfinchKilldeerHouse SparrowField SparrowGreat Blue HeronGreat Egret
I'm sure I failed to record a few more. Link to my Flickr account for some photos below.
Jim Tezak - <jjtezak...> Will County

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