Date: 8/10/17 7:49 am
From: Khanh Tran <khanhbatran...>
Subject: [obol] STILT SANDPIPER (PHOTOS) and GRAY CATBIRD at Fernhill Wetlands (Washington County)
Hi all:

Here are a couple of distant photos (uncropped and heavily cropped) of the juvenile, STILT SANDPIPER that I found on Wednesday evening at Fernhill Wetlands, in Forest Grove, OR. It was favoring the mitigation ponds at the far east corner near the gazebo and was solitary most of the time.

When I first saw the bird, it was far out and I came unprepared-- with no scope. It feeding behavior (irregular probing ) and 'leaning' posture alerted me to zone in on it. The bird flushed a flew times but never came in close for better studies. During flight it was more apparent that it was a Stilt Sandpiper due to the long legs, white rump, and vocalization.

There was 'good' mud so the flats hosted a variety of other shorebirds including two BAIRD'S, and at least one SEMIPALMATED SANDPIPER, and SEMIPALMATED PLOVER.

Also, while scanning the shorebirds, I clearly heard a GRAY CATBIRD right in the dense bushes near the mudflats. It vocalize and did it's ratchet and mew calls a couple times but never came out of the dense brush. It was slowing moving and skulking in the bush for several minutes. It failed to come out to pishing or a burst of playback. I didn't push it to get visuals or photos since I was more interested with the shorebirds!

It was extremely birdy despite the heat and I had FUN!

Good birding,

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