Date: 8/9/17 9:32 pm
From: Beverly Hallberg <mapsout...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Hummingbird Id help/Manzanita-Tillamook
Thanks everyone. It just didn't quite make the cut for Costa's like last
year's hummingbird. Last year's bird had a more curved bill and a definite
shorter tail and in comparison to Anna's was smaller. On the other hand, I
have a LOT of juvenile Anna's at my feeders but none that have ever looked
this white below with virtually no gray on the sides. It really caught my
eye. I was inside my house so I didn't hear any sounds and it only stayed
about 60 seconds and didn't sit next to another hummingbird for a size
comparison. I've added a few more pics to the album for those that are
interested. Anna's it is.

For those who might be interested, I photographed a small dead shark a
couple weeks ago on the Nehalem State Park Beach. It's been id'd by a
shark expert as a Pacific Sleeper Shark. The pic is here and it has cool

Cheers, Beverly

On Wed, Aug 9, 2017 at 9:17 PM, Shawneen Finnegan <
<shawneenfinnegan...> wrote:

> Bob Archer, you just beat me to the answer :-)
> This looks like a young Anna’s Hummingbird to me. It has that thick-necked
> and stocky look of an Anna’s.
> The wing shape is fairly even in width, a feature of the genus *Calypte *(Anna’s
> and Costa’s).
> Costa’s are big headed, too, but smaller and paler gray below. Young
> Costa’s tend to be grayer or perhaps browner and more scaled looking
> plumage-wise and are fairly compact.
> It is not a Black-chinned based on overall shape and the shape of the
> primaries. Black-chinned and Ruby-throat, both *Archilochus, *have
> different width primaries with the inner six being narrower than the outer
> primaries. And the way to tell Black-chinned from Ruby-throat is to look at
> the shape of the outermost primary. On Black-chinned this feather is more
> bulbous or club shaped at the tip, while Ruby-throat is pointed.
> Shawneen
> On Aug 9, 2017, at 5:12 PM, Beverly Hallberg <mapsout...> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I took some pictures of this hummingbird in my backyard in Manzanita on
> August 3rd. It looks very much like the Costa's Hummingbird female that
> visited my backyard last year between August 7 - 28. I was hoping to get
> more pictures of it, but I've not seen it again yet. There are regular
> hummingbird wars over the 3 feeders that are out.
> Any thoughts on identification? 4 pictures are in a Flickr album.
> Thanks, Beverly

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