Date: 8/9/17 3:49 pm
From: inga schmidt <ingais...>
Subject: [Ohio-birds] white rumped sandpiper - Geauga
There were quite a few peeps at the Auburn Road section of LaDue this afternoon.
I spent quite awhile picking through them, hoping to find something unusual and
was eventually rewarded with a white rumped sandpiper.

It stood out, well not stood out, but if you paid attention, you could see that it was a
bit larger than the leasts and semipalms. A little bit bigger, plump in comparison. At
this distance, it was hard to really see if the primary feathers extended over the tail feathers.
Careful with shorebirds, I waited for it spread its wings, and the white rump was
visible. Probably an adult in nonbreeding plumage. Quite grey overall. Thanks to
Dick Hoopes for working through the peeps with me, and working through the id.

Also a couple of Pectoral SP, semipalmated plovers, solitary sp and yellowlegs.

Inga Schmidt


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