Date: 8/9/17 2:49 pm
From: alison wagner <alikatofvt...>
Subject: [VTBIRD] Another rare baby: Sora at Lagoon Road
Chittenden County Birders beware,

First Hooded Warbler and Least Bittern chicks, and now there is a very good chance there are Sora babies! Today I showed a picture of a Sora to one of the managers of the waste treatment facility and he already knew about the bird! It just so happened he was the person that had been brush hogging between the solar panels...He said he stopped mowing because he saw two chicks. (His comment was that mowing wasn't as important as protecting them!) Then he cupped his hands together to illustrate their size and said they were dark. The ruts left by the mower are perfect for the Soras, full of water and edged with long grass, and the chicks should be easy to see if and when they come out from cover!

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