Date: 8/9/17 12:54 pm
From: Kent McFarland <kmcfarland...>
Subject: [VTBIRD] VT State Bird List updated
The Vermont Bird Records Committee has posted an updated for the Official
Vermont State Bird Checklist to reflect taxonomic changes recently made.
Thank you to Ted Murin for work and dedication for this annual update for
the VBRC.

This checklist includes all species for which acceptable specimen,
photographic, or written documentation exists for Vermont. The list has
been approved by the Vermont Bird Records Committee and includes 387
species representing 22 orders and 62 families of birds. The names of the
birds and their taxonomic arrangement follow the American Ornithological
Society Check-list of North and Middle American Birds Seventh Edition
(1998), 58th supplement (July 2017) (see

Highlights affecting the Vermont fauna include:

- Thayer's Gull removed, lumped with Iceland Gull (sorry you all lost a
- Snow Goose and Ross's Goose genus Chen ditched for Anser, and Anser
sequence changed
- Duck genus Anas split into four genera and dabbling duck sequence
changed (again)
- Northern Harrier and Northern Shrike scientific names changed
- Le Conte's Sparrow changed to LeConte's Sparrow (space removed)
- New world sparrows family name changed
- Chat gets own family
- Family sequence changed following Longspurs and Snow Bunting (again)
- Shorebird sequence changed (again)
- Finch genera sequence changed (again)

Visit the Vermont Bird Records Committee web site at
to download a PDF.

Vermont eBird taxonomy will be undergoing annual updates this month too.


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