Date: 8/9/17 12:10 pm
From: Peter Scott <Peter.Scott...>
Subject: [IN-BIRD-L] Michigan City Harbor - Willets, turnstone
Driving home from Michigan yesterday, I checked MC harbor in evening, and was rewarded with a large Willet flock and 1 turnstone on the breakwall beyond the lighthouse.

Michigan City Harbor, LaPorte, Indiana, US
Aug 8, 2017 6:35 PM - 7:15 PM
Protocol: Traveling
1.0 mile(s)
Comments: Walked along beach to lighthouse and viewed breakwall birds with scope. Beach crowded with people. Warm, moderate wind.
14 species

Canada Goose 15
Mallard 8
Double-crested Cormorant 2
Great Blue Heron 1
Ruddy Turnstone 1 walking on breakwall
Least Sandpiper 1 with two Semipalmated Sandpipers; flew across harbor, landed on concrete walkway by lighthouse, foraged on wet rock
Semipalmated Sandpiper 2
Willet 26 flock on breakwall; all flew a few times, calling, to different spots, where they would stand and rest. Studied in scope, black and white wing pattern visible in flight.
Ring-billed Gull 110 mostly on beach
Herring Gull 50 mostly on breakwall at outer edge of harbor across from lighthouse
Caspian Tern 7
Mourning Dove 3 calling in Washington Park
Barn Swallow 10 at marina
American Goldfinch 1 singing in Washington Park

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