Date: 8/8/17 8:04 pm
From: Karen Lund <catbirder813...> [ILbirds] <ILbirds-noreply...>
Subject: IBET Bell's Vireos - Afton F.P. - DeKalb County
Thought this may be of interest to the county listers. This afternoon
while walking my butterfly route at Afton Forest Preserve, I found 2
bell's vireos. They were on the east trail (east of the ponds which are
accessed from the McGirr Rd. parking lot and are actually pretty dry right
now) and just south of the spillway. They were singing, which is why I
noticed them at all. I thought I heard one there a couple weeks ago. But
it sang only once and I never got a visual. Very little shorebird habitat,
but there were 2 least and 2 spotted sandpipers. I've been informed they
are letting the water draw down for repairs on the 2 spillways. So this
may cut way down on any shorebird activity the next couple months.

Karen Lund
Genoa, DeKalb County


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