Date: 8/8/17 6:20 pm
From: Clem Klaphake <ckavian...> [NEBirds] <NEBirds...>
Subject: Re: [NEBirds] Mississippi Kites
Yesterday, 7th, on my way back from Colorado I was on Boot Hill and two
adult MIKI were soaring above me for about 10 minutes and then
disappeared to the south.
Clem Klaphake
Bellevue, NE

On 8/6/2017 6:47 PM, 'Jim Ochsner' <jim_ochsner...> [NEBirds] wrote:
> Hello Birders,
> We took a lengthy walk around Ogallala this afternoon. As we were
> headed east on Valleyview Drive nearing East G St., flying/gliding
> overhead were 16 to 20 Mississippi Kites, a mixture of adults and
> juveniles.
> About an hour later, we were headed west on West 8th St. and were
> amazed to look up to the west and see another kettle of Kites.
> (I had to Google and found this:A group of kites has many collective
> nouns, including a "brood", "kettle", "roost", "stooping", and
> "string" of kites.)
> We observed there was a similar number of Kites in this kettle, but as
> we watched they were making their way back to the area we had seen
> them earlier as they were apparently the same ones.
> Jim
> Ogallala

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