Date: 8/8/17 3:27 pm
From: <obol-bounce...>
Subject: [obol] Smith & Bybee Lakes - Wilson's Phalarope and more
I stopped by for a couple of hours this morning and was joined by Colby
Neuman. Shorebirds conditions continue to be excellent. I saw a Solitary
Sandpiper and a juvie Semipalmated Sandpiper from the boat launch area.
Colby spotted a juvenile Wilson's Phalarope from the Smith Lake blind. It
moved around a lot, but was fairly easy to pick out from all the Yellowlegs
by its behavior. Often stretching its neck out and picking flies just
above the water surface. I also spotted a juvenile Short-billed Dowitcher
that showed well at fairly close range. Colby heard Baird's in flight a
couple of times, but we couldn't pick one out visually. Bybee Lake was
pretty busy too with a large flock of 500+ peeps on the far side that
looked to be about 75% Least and 25% Western, plus who knows what else
mixed in. Great Egret numbers have built to around 300, and that's just
what we could see. 100+ gulls too, all Cal and Ring-billed from what I
could make out.

Remember to leave nothing of value in your vehicle if you visit this area.

Good birding,

Philip Kline

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