Date: 8/8/17 12:04 pm
From: <5hats...>
Subject: [obol] gray and/or dusky empids

It interested me to see Iron's post that Gray Flycather would not show a greenish back. How about plain gray? Years ago on October 10 at Thornton Creek, long before there was good info regarding empids, and long before I developed such minimal expertise as I now have in identifying them, I saw one which was plain mouse gray above and white with no hint of yellow below, only a bit of a gray vest broken in the center by white. It had a pretty obvious eye-ring. Otherwise I saw no other significant field marks, and I never saw the bird move its tail. I wrote it off at the time as empid sp., but I'm wondering these many years later what comments might be forthcoming from others concerning an empid in such plumage.


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