Date: 8/7/17 7:25 pm
From: Kristen Lindquist <kelindquist...>
Subject: [Maine-birds] Monhegan summer birding
My husband Paul and I spent the past four days on Monhegan, and we weren't
birding per se, but I thought it worth mentioning the few birds we noted
there as a point of interest and contrast to birding in May and September.
I also spent six days on the island in late June-early July, so will
mention some observations from then, too.

From the boat:
Wilson's Storm-petrel - saw 25+ on the boat ride over on Friday and maybe
8-10 on the trip back to Port Clyde today
Great Shearwater - 2, on trip to the island
No. Gannet - 20+ on the trip to the island, dozens on the trip back today;
also, dozens seen from the island itself over the weekend, mostly sub-adult
birds. Mackerel and other fish were apparently schooling in the harbor and
right offshore. In addition to all the gannets, a fisherman and a boater
have observed sharks near the island in the past few days, and the boat
from Port Clyde today stopped to enjoy a pod of dolphins!

On the island highlights:
Common Eider - still a couple of hens with (large) chicks
Sharp-shinned Hawk - 1-2, including 1 very vocal bird heard in and around
Cathedral Woods over the past 2 days
Ring-necked Pheasant - none seen or heard this trip, but I heard at least 2
crowing back in late June-early July
Herring Gull - 1 wing-tagged, painted (red), and banded adult bird at Fish
Beach, green wing tag #191
Common Tern - many, and very noisy in the harbor; not something I've
experienced in spring or fall
Semiplamated Plover - 1, Lobster Cove
Least Sandpiper - 4, Lobster Cove (shiny new ones)
Greater Yellowlegs - 1 calling over Manana
Swainson's Thrush - 2-3 whining in Cathedral Woods; in late June, heard 2-4
singing in the woods
Winter Wren - 2 singing (at least 4 singing back in June)
Cedar Waxwing - small flocks all over the island, worth mentioning because
I love them so
American Redstart - 1 calling full adult male; back in late June, 1-2
singing males
Magnolia Warbler - 2. On a hike around the island, Paul saw an adult and a
Common Yellowthroat - saw many in late June, including juv. birds;
surprised not to see/hear one now
Black-throated Green Warbler - 2 seen today; 2 seen back in early July
Savannah Sparrow - 1 heard in Lobster Cove

And for those who were on the island this past spring and wondered if the
Sora was ever going to shut up, apparently he did.

Also of note:
Butterflies - Monarchs seemed much more numerous than in the past few
years, which is very heartening. Also saw probably hundreds of Painted
Ladies, which were everywhere, especially on the thistle and globe thistle;
small numbers of Black Swallowtail and C. Wood Nymph, and no skippers that
I can recall, which seems strange because I noted quite a few back in late

Reptiles - Caught a smooth green snake on the trail today, as well as the
smallest baby ring-necked snake I've ever seen!

Already looking forward to getting back out there next month!


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