Date: 8/7/17 1:13 pm
From: <david_assmann...> [SFBirds] <SFBirds-noreply...>
Subject: [SFBirds] Local Interest - Fort Mason and El Polin
A small tree behind the fence on the steps leading down to Aquatic Park was the migrant hotspot at Fort Mason this morning. Five WILSON'S WARBLERS and a PACIFIC-SLOPE FLYCATCHER were easily viewed; not so easily seen were an empid with a completely round eye ring, and another empid without a discernible eye ring that was pumping its tail straight up and down. A WESTERN KINGBIRD flew over without stopping. At Crissy Lagoon, I was surprised by a small flock of seven AMERICAN AVOCETS flying along the bay shore. El Polin Spring had at least four WILSON'S WARBLERS, a SWAINSON'S THRUSH and a PACIFIC-SLOPE FLYCATCHER. Lots of hunting COOPER'S HAWKS hunting this morning - three at Fort Mason (the adult pair and the one young), and a young one at El Polin.

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