Date: 8/7/17 8:15 am
From: Bill Tice <ticebill7...>
Subject: [obol] Interesting Empid
Hi All,
Just a few minutes ago I was sitting on my front porch taking in the fresh
morning, and noticed an empid in/on some of my grapes, about 40 feet away.
I could immediately tell (with my bins) it was different than the usual
pewees and occasional pac slopes I have here, and suspected a Dusky because
of the short primary extension - and this was on the first viewing of a few
seconds. He flew over to the other side of the grapes, but was back in a
few seconds. He had a tinge of a yellowish belly, grayish wash to breast,
and was dipping his tail every 2-3 seconds, and had a large bill, mostly
yellow on the underside which stood out quite distinctly - the size and
color that is. There was a slight contrast between his gray head and
greenish-gray back. When he flew a to the next perch some white outer tail
feathers were observed. My time with the bird was about 30 seconds. I
figured it best to grab my camera and get some pics, but by the time I
returned he was gone. I am more or less pinching myself, wondering if this
could really be a gray flycatcher. But as we all know, empids are the
bane of birders. I'd appreciate some thoughts to shed more light on this
bird. I really can't add anymore on it.

Bill Tice

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