Date: 8/7/17 3:55 am
From: Ken Ostermiller <ken.ostermiller...>
Subject: [Ohio-birds] New Ohio eBird shared bird reporting hotspots are active
Ohio birders have added several shared bird reporting hotspots to eBird.

Clark County

Pond at OH-334 and Middle Urbana Rd.

The pond at OH-334 and Middle Urbana Road is on the property of First
Christian Church. Parking is available in the church parking lot when there
are not church activities. There is a walking path to the pond.

Buck Creek SP

Buck Creek SP--Buckhorn Trail

Buck Creek SP--Lakeview and Bridle Trails

Buck Creek SP--Northeast Lake Access

Buck Creek State Park near Springfield in Clark County is the Ohio eBird
hotspot with the highest number of bird species reported in the state! This
state park is fairly compact and is entirely in Clark County. It has been
well birded over the years by several birders who view birds on the C. J.
Brown Reservoir from various vantage points and use the general hotspot to
report these checklists. After discussion with these birders, we have moved
the general hotspot for the state park out onto the reservoir. If you visit
this state park and view birds from several locations, please use the
general hotspot to report those checklists. We have added several hotspots
which may be used when you are birding trails on the east or west sides of
the reservoir. The “Northeast Lake Access” hotspot is located at a parking
area off Grant Road. You may park there and walk to the northeast corner of
the reservoir. This location can, in some years, have shorebird habitat
during migration and is often a place where the lake first has open water
in the early spring.

Moorfield Rd. (view from roadside only)

This hotspot, near Buck Creek State Park, was originally entered into eBird
as a stakeout when a Western Meadowlark was seen here. It can be a good
place to look for grassland birds and there is a small parking area near
the intersection of Moorfield Road and Baldwin Lane. We have converted it
to a regular eBird hotspot. The road traverses private land. Please bird
from the roadside only.

Osborn Rd. Gravel Pits

Ken Ostermiller

eBird Hotspot reviewer for Ohio


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