Date: 8/6/17 7:27 pm
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Subject: IBET JxP, 5 August, 2017: Baby birds and a whole lotta butterflies
I birded/bugged Chicago's Jackson Park yesterday covering 63rd Street Beach, the north lake front and Wooded Island/Bobolink Meadow. It was a great day for butterflies with 30 species (all species seen in the Wooded Island/Bobolink Meadow area alone!), though not all agreed to have their photos taken, and there were some notable bird breeding success to observe.
To start with the birds, the SAVANNAH SPARROWS at 63rd Street Beach have produced and fledged at least one offspring. I saw one juvenile last weekend and there was one there still yesterday. Last Saturday the Audubon group saw some notable young ones that I missed. They found a juvenile EASTERN BLUEBIRD with its parents on the soccer fields, evidently born in the crossbar of one of the goals. Success despite the concert taking place there that drove them off last year and many soccer games. They also found a nest near the museum with 3 juvenile GREEN HERONS. Yesterday I saw the herons on the north shore of the Columbia Basin. They have obviously matured a bit judging from the photos I saw taken last week. I didn't see the young bluebird but I heard its father singing near the soccer fields. I saw one fledgling EASTERN PHOEBE (there may have been 2) chasing its parents around north of Wooded Island. Under the Darrow Bridge is a nest of ~4 juvenile BARN SWALLOWS. This is a second brood. Juveniles in 2 nests there fledged a couple of weeks ago. Last I saw those chicks before they fledged they looked like Martin Van Buren with white fuzz around the sides and back of their heads! When looking for butterflies at the Perennial Garden west of Cornell I heard a loud squawk, then an obvious call of a PEREGRINE FALCON. I stepped out of the bushes and saw one falcon following close behind another. I assume it was a juvenile following a parent (?).
Now for the bugs. I found a few notable dragonflies for the park. At 63rd Street Beach a WANDERING GLIDER landed for some rare photo ops. Nearby were a couple of female AUTUMN MEADOWHAWKS. Unlike a lot of other female meadowhawks, female Autumns can be identified! A female HALLOWEEN PENNANT along 63rd didn't want its photo taken. The real show was the butterflies! The highlights: a VICEROY along the Columbia Basin that I waited too long to try for a photo. There was an E. GIANT SWALLOWTAIL feeding on nectar with an E. TIGER SWALLOWTAIL in the Perennial Garden. I got many photos but no open-winged shots, since they keep flapping their wings while taking nectar. There was another along 63rd (there may have been 3 but I thought one I saw east of Cornell after I crossed back over from the garden was the same as I saw there). Also in the Perennial Garden was a ZABULON SKIPPER, only the 2nd I've seen in the park. I almost missed it flying low to feed at some small flowers. When I was in the area that used to be the rose garden I saw a small yellow butterfly flying around. I gave chase but it kept on going. It was too small to be a Clouded Sulphur and seemed too big for a less likely Dainty Sulphur (though I have seen at least one in the park some time ago). It had to be a LITTLE YELLOW, which I have yearly in the park. There were still a couple CLOUDLESS SULPHURS flying around. Per habit they flew around me several times but didn't land more than a millisecond! A HACKBERRY EMPEROR was south of Wooded Island. This species wouldn't normally warrant special mention but I hadn't seen one yet this year. It flew up a bit high in a tree but was still close enough for an identifiable photo for iNaturalist, so there! Here is my full insect list:
E. Tiger Swallowtail: 6
E. Black Swallowtail: 5
E. Giant Swallowtail: 2
Cabbage White: 111
Clouded Sulphur: 3
Orange Swallowtail: 6
Little Yellow: 1
Cloudless Sulphur: 2
E. Tailed-Blue: 3
Summer Azure: 2
Pearl Crescent: 58
Question Mark: 1
Red Admiral: 2
American Lady: 1
Painted Lady: 3
Common Buckeye: 6
Red-spotted Purple: 7
Viceroy: 1
Hackberry Emperor: 1
American Snout: 4
Monarch: 40
Silver-spotted Skipper: 4
Wild Indigo Duskywing: 1
Common Sootywing: 2
Fiery Skipper: 4
Sachem: 5
Least Skipper: 6
Peck's Skipper: 7
Tawny-edged Skipper: 2
Zabulon Skipper: 1

Chickweed Geometer (Haematopis grataria): 11
Clover Looper (Caenurgina crassiuscula): 1
Forage Looper (Caenurgina erechtea; I think, pale/unmarked form): 1

Lyre-tipped Spreadwing: 4
Tule Bluet: 5
Stream Bluet: 1
E. Forktail: 12
Blue-fronted Dancer: 3

Common Green Darner: 102
Jade Clubtail: 1
Common Whitetail: 5
Widow Skimmer: 12
E. Amberwing: 4
Halloween Pennant: 1
E. Pondhawk: 3
Autumn Meadowhawk: 2
Blue Dasher: 15
Black Saddlebags: 6
Wandering Glider: 1
Sot-winged Glider: 1

Randy Shonkwiler

Hyde Park/Chicago

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