Date: 8/6/17 4:47 pm
From: 'Jim Ochsner' <jim_ochsner...> [NEBirds] <NEBirds...>
Subject: [NEBirds] Mississippi Kites
Hello Birders,

We took a lengthy walk around Ogallala this afternoon. As we were headed east on Valleyview Drive nearing East G St., flying/gliding overhead were 16 to 20 Mississippi Kites, a mixture of adults and juveniles.
About an hour later, we were headed west on West 8th St. and were amazed to look up to the west and see another kettle of Kites.
(I had to Google and found this: A group of kites has many collective nouns, including a "brood", "kettle", "roost", "stooping", and "string" of kites.)
We observed there was a similar number of Kites in this kettle, but as we watched they were making their way back to the area we had seen them earlier as they were apparently the same ones.

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