Date: 8/5/17 2:09 pm
From: Travis Knowles <hyrax...>
Subject: re: Common Mergansers on South Toe River, Yancey County, NC
I reported those common mergansers on eBird in May. I saw them on the
South Toe near Celo Inn, along with a natural history group. We make an
annual trip to the Mt Mitchell area every May and stay at the Inn. This
was my first sighting of common mergansers anywhere in that vicinity.

Travis Knowles
Department of Biology
Francis Marion University
Florence, South Carolina

On Fri, Aug 4, 2017 at 6:39 PM, Clifton Avery<carolinabirds...> wrote:

> 8 Common Mergansers were seen on the South Toe River this morning by my
> father. I have a blurry photo from him that is good enough to confirm ID.
> He also saw the group of 8 on the South Toe about a week ago for the first
> time. My guess is it is a mother and her grown brood. The question is:
> Where did they come from? Has anyone ever seen Common Mergansers in Yancey
> County in the Spring or Summer? According to eBird someone did see 6 COME
> this past May right in the same spot as where my Dad has seen them. I
> frequent the South Toe and from now on will keep a better lookout for the
> mergansers.
> Clifton Avery
> North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission
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