Date: 8/5/17 11:25 am
From: Kay Emerick <kaybirder...> [sbcobirding] <sbcobirding-noreply...>
Subject: [sbcobirding] Semi-Palm SP yes! LBDow also
Hi, all. to piggyback on Rob's report, the Semi-Palm SP remains. When I arrived at 8 am, there was a group of peeps along the mud close to the platform. 5 Westerns were in different plumages from adult molting from breeding - very red on back V and head, to juveniles with spotted sides still. Those five juveniles all had some red on their feathers, even the heads. Made me determined to read up on molt!

Five birds had that subtly downturned bill. Which one is different? Scope views made this relatively easy. Semi-palmated SP was very gray and black feathered, only one red feather on the whole bird (outer primary). Bill was sturdy and straight with a small but obvious widening at the end. Mixed in with the Westerns it appeared lower to the ground. Determined scope views revealed webbing between toes when it pulled its feet out of the muck. Of course, I was looking for that...but still... Probably this ID was easier, since most of the Westerns were younger. Good fun.

The LB Dowitchers were present also, but on the far shore, and still sleeping. Their orange breasts attracted attention, and when they began preening, you could see the bill length, again through scope.

Have fun! Kay Regester, Ventura PS. Amusing RWBBs foraging in the mud, with head feathers askew.

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