Date: 8/5/17 2:15 am
From: Sharon Turner <sharxxturner...>
Subject: [VTBIRD] Yellow breasted chat in Mt. Tabor DATE and LOCATION correction
The bird was sighted on June 30th. I have corrected the location information in Ebird it now reads:

In a small dense tree next to a house at 259 Brooklyn rd., Mount Tabor. next to Otter Creek Wildlife Management Area, near WHITE ROCKS NATIONAL RECREATION AREA which is located in the GREEN MOUNTAIN NATIONAL FOREST in a yard with dense shrubbery, and high weeds, and the otter creek. It was gray-green on the back, a patch of black from the bill to the eye, a yellow breast, a thick short warbler type of bill but a big bird a little smaller than a robin, with some white underneath, dark colored legs, and a very long tail. Very quiet. I was very still at tree canopy height. I had no camera or binoculars but was very close to the bird in birdspeak so I could see it well.This house has had much wildlife and common and rare bird sightings. If anyone wants to try and identify the bird the house is up for sale and I can help to notify the owners so you can go in and bird at tree level . <sharonxxturner...>

Sharon Turner

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