Date: 8/4/17 3:40 pm
From: Clifton Avery (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: Common Mergansers on South Toe River, Yancey County, NC
8 Common Mergansers were seen on the South Toe River this morning by my
father. I have a blurry photo from him that is good enough to confirm ID.
He also saw the group of 8 on the South Toe about a week ago for the first
time. My guess is it is a mother and her grown brood. The question is:
Where did they come from? Has anyone ever seen Common Mergansers in Yancey
County in the Spring or Summer? According to eBird someone did see 6 COME
this past May right in the same spot as where my Dad has seen them. I
frequent the South Toe and from now on will keep a better lookout for the

Clifton Avery
North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission

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