Date: 8/4/17 1:31 pm
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Subject: IBET Burnham Prairie NP (Cook) - Shorebirds everywhere (10 species in short visit)
I am officially retiring from Burnham Prairie Nature Preserve water level prognostication because i simply have no idea what is happening there or why. I'll just enjoy the current conditions while they last.

There is, literally, shorebird habitat almost everywhere. The west ponds (north and south of the entry drive) have a lot of mud exposed and are teeming with shorebirds. Unfortunately, there is a dead Great Blue Heron on the drive, likely the victim of being hit by a car. As you drive in, please go very slow, herons, shorebirds, gulls,... all like to skulk or run along the drive and sometimes take a couple of seconds to get clear of the road.

Perhaps most surprisingly, shorebird habitat has returned to the east ponds, as well. It's mostly the north end of the ponds. A scope will be very helpful. The shorebird density on the east ponds is not as high as the west. I did not have much time today and further study of the birds is definitely warranted.

In the end, lots of mud, lots of puddles - get there while you can.

I had 10 species of shorebirds:
- Killdeer (42)
- Semipalmated Plover (3)
- Spotted Sandpiper (2)
- Semipalmated Sandpiper (1)
- Least Sandpiper (13)
- Short-billed Dowitcher (1)
- Greater Yellowlegs (7)
- Lesser Yellowlegs (22)
- Solitary Sandpiper (3)
- Pectoral Sandpiper (3)


Carl Giometti

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