Date: 8/4/17 8:06 am
From: Tim Rodenkirk <timrodenkirk...>
Subject: [obol] A few Coos Birds of late
Haven't had time to post but not a lot going on:

Bandon Marsh, 29 July, low tide- AM:

1500- WESTERN SANDPIPERS (50-60% juvies)
500- LEAST SANDPIPERS (10-20% juvies)
also a flock of 13 dowitchers (heard one Short-billed)

At North Spit Coos Bay that same day found both CINNAMON TEAL and NORTHERN
SHOVLER with young.

Coast Range- east of Myrtle Point
8/1- BARRED OWL following me for a while in a 50 yr old plantation, also a
GRAY JAY in there, been seeing them further west and lower than I am use to
in Coos this summer. These birds are very shy also. Elevation was 500'.
8/2- nesting SHARP-SHINNED HAWK in a different 50 yr. old plantation, did
nest alarm calls and flew in when I played call. Also GRAY JAYS in this
stand at 860' elevation.
8/3- another GRAY JAY and found a PAC-SLOPE FLY nest at about 900'
elevation. They are the most vocal breeder now as mostly it is pretty
quiet out there. Super smoky in the AM- could hardly see across one canyon
to a ridgeline a few miles away. Been hearing Purple Martins in this area
but the clearcuts all appear to have no snags, but they must be nesting
somewhere nearby...

Weather back to normal today- super foggy on the coast with temps
forecasted to get up to the mid-60s. I wonder about folks coming into
Newport for the eclipse- I hope the fog isn't around!

Stay cool,
Tim Rodenkirk
Coos Bay

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