Date: 8/4/17 7:07 am
From: trose <trose...>
Subject: [AZNMbirds] No Birds - THANK YOU eBird New CHANGE SPECIES Option
OH MY GAWD, this is the BEST thing ever that eBird could have come out
with!!! Yay! LOL.

Anyone who eBirds probably just received an email from eBird letting
them know of the new "Change Species" function they have just
implemented. But in case you didn't read it in detail or went to the
"Change Species" how-to link, please do!!! (I provide the link in this
email near the bottom, as well).

eBird will now let you change a species in one of your individual eBird
lists, including ALL its accompanying photos, notes, breeding codes,
etc., in one fell swoop by using the new "change species" option. No
more deleting the species from the list, entering the new, correct one,
then reentering all of its notes and codes and re-uploading its photos.
Just choose "change species" instead, and viola! All gets updated at the
same time. Or you can switch species on just the photos. Or just the
audio. Or just one single photo amongst several. Whatever you need.

Some examples eBird gives are: updating an unidentified gull or
shorebird from a generic species level to its individual species, once
it gets identified. If you've uploaded a whole buncha photos and entered
copious identification notes, what a pain it the butt it has been in the
past to delete everything under that species, enter the new species and
copy/save/transfer/reenter all those notes and codes, and then re-upload
all those photos. Not any more!!! Now just one change, and be done with it.

Or, let's say you accidentally plopped one of your many photos into the
wrong bird's slot and a fellow birder pointed it out to you? Whoops! Go
click "change species" on that individual photo, and eBird moves it for
you within that list. Awesome!!!

So here's the link - go look! Pretty darned cool stuff, there.

Tonya Holland
Three Points AZ
***Personal case in point if anyone is interested: I very recently
updated all of my listings of the domestic Swan Goose (type) seen at
both Christopher Columbus and Kennedy parks in Tucson, because both
eBird (and the Arizona eBird reviewer team) would prefer that they be
entered as "Domestic Goose species (domestic type)" instead of the more
specific Swan Goose domestic option. Apparently since domestic Swan
Geese and Graylag Geese frequently interbreed and can look like either
type, making it often impossible to determine actual parentage, eBird
just wants this domestic jumble entered at a generic level.

Okay, I love eBird and always want to do things the way eBird requests
that they be done (they have *reasons*!), so I dutifully changed all my
lists. But hey, it's a DOMESTIC! It's annoying to most birders to even
have to add them in, in the first place (side note: you SHOULD, by the
way - just because it has no "importance" to you as a species doesn't
meant it shouldn't be entered. Entering domestics and escapes is a great
way to track historical progression and expansion of a species if it
ever becomes an established breeding population, and then eventually
even perhaps countable by the ABA, such as the Scaly-breasted Munia in
California). But if you're like me, it still just seems like really
annoying extra work to do all of the above-described
delete/transfer/update steps just for a dumb old domestic! LOL.

So the new "Change Species" option would have been SOOOOO much easier to
implement than the whole rigamarole that I ended up doing. In the words
of Maxwell Smart, I "missed it by THAT much!"

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