Date: 8/3/17 4:11 pm
From: Norm Barrett <ndbarrett...>
Subject: [RV Birds] Lost Creek Gulls
If you don't mind peering through smoke Lost Creek has some interesting
gulls. The Franklin's Gull continues. Also in the merged picture are
three other juvenile gulls (of course) hanging out in the same area. Gary
Shaffer and I stood side by side with identical cameras and lenses and his
pictures don't even look like the gulls I photographed. I will blame it on
the smoke. The dark, top left gull was a lot bigger than the other three
gulls, with the Franklins (bottom left) being the smallest. I am leaning
toward 1st summer Herring Gull on the dark one but anyone wanting to talk
me out of it would not have to try hard. Gary is thinking 1st summer
Western Gull. Are the other two, light colored and small gulls of the same
species as each other, or are they two different species? I never
photographed them together but Gary did and one looks slightly larger.
That would be the one in the lower right of my pic. I am leaning toward
Ring-billed Gulls for both and blame the differences in size and appearance
on individual variation. I love that excuse. HELP! Norm Barrett

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