Date: 8/3/17 3:38 pm
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Subject: [SFBirds] Parakeet Auklet 11:00am thru 12:30pm
Today at approx. 9:30am Chris and I arrived at the Hermit Rock overlook for our 2nd attempt at the Parakeet Auklet. As we arrived a birder who was heading out told us the bird had been seen just 10 minutes prior and on and off since around 8:00am. We set up at the vista area with the company of other birders. At approx. 11:00am another birder called out that the auklet had suddenly appeared on Hermit Rock. It was right by the crack in the rock right where the dandelion(?) is growing out from the rock. It slowly started to work it's way up the face and eventually ended up on top of the rock where It was chased off by a Black Oystercatcher. It was visible on Hermit Rock for a good 20 minutes. It then flew right and landed on the cliff right under the Labyrinth. We hiked the trail and went down on the beach where we watched and photographed it from the beach below. I would say it was there for another 15 minutes or so. At one point a gull flew near it and it ducked in a crevice on the cliff, but then popped back out in full view for a few minutes. The auklet then flew off the cliff out over the water. From our viewing angle on the beach it was hard to determine what direction it went. We hiked back to the Hermit Rock overlook where birders were gathered and scoped for it a bit more but did not refind it. We left at approx. 1:00pm

Malia DeFelice and Chris Hayward
Half moon Bay, CA
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