Date: 8/3/17 1:36 pm
Subject: RE: Correspondence with Robin Carter
A note on eBird. Robin did adopt eBird, although he was not one of the early adopters. He did not, however, spend much time putting historical lists in eBird. He preferred getting out and finding new birds. During his last year, he spent as much time at Congaree as possible.

His bird lists start in the early 1970's, when the Army stationed him at Ft. Danvers to protect Boston from air attack. They were successful!

Caroline Eastman
Columbia, SC
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Subject: Correspondence with Robin Carter

One of the target collection areas for the University of South Carolina library is SC naturalists. They expressed an interest in Robin Carter's bird notes and other related materials, and I am donating these to the library. If any of you have correspondence with Robin that you would like to donate to this collection, let me know.

John Grego has worked with a couple of students to input some of his bird lists into eBird. It would be nice to have them all in eBird, but this takes time, organization, and effort.

A background note for those of you who may be relatively new to carolinabirds: Robin was one of the state's most active birders before his death in 2008. He wrote Finding Birds in South Carolina, which is available online of the Carolina Bird Club website. I am his widow.

Caroline Eastman
Columbia, SC

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