Date: 8/3/17 12:30 pm
From: Kearns, Amy <AKearns...>
Subject: [IN-BIRD-L] Origin info on banded Caspian tern from Michigan City (NO SIGHTINGS)
On 23 July, Bob Huguenard photographed a banded Caspian tern sitting on the breakwall at Michigan City harbor. The bird had two bands - one silver federal band, and the other a yellow field-readable band with a letter and number printed on it. Indiana DNR Nongame Bird Biologist Allisyn Gillet shared these photos with conservation partners who identified the tern as one banded as a chick at Little Galloo Island, Lake Ontario, New York. The exact digits on the bands were difficult to read due to extreme distance, but depending on the identify of one letter which was either K or R, the bird was banded as a chick there on 6/17/2009 or 6/23/2008.

I really enjoy band recoveries of migratory birds, so I measured the distance from Little Galloo to Michigan City. In a straight line it is 555 miles between the two points.

No telling if this bird is a migrant or Indiana breeder, but Indiana does have a small colony of nesting Caspian terns to the west at East Chicago. This year, our DFW colonial waterbird survey estimated that colony at around 90 adults.

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