Date: 8/3/17 6:56 am
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Subject: Re: [NEBirds] Sandhill Cranes along Lower Niobrara?
Thanks! I hadn't realized they were nesting there. We have seen whoopers in same area in the fall several times over the last couple years. It's an amazing area given the "delta" that is forming. Changing the river habitat that's for sure.

Susanne Hickey
Director of Conservation Programs, Iowa

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Susanne and others:

These birds have been present in this area during the summer for several years (and have produced young). A site where they have been observed several times is the alfalfa field just south of the Hwy 14 & Hwy 12 junction.


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Hi Susanne,

The largest Sandhill Crane subspecies, tabida ("Greater Sandhill Crane") breeds at a few locations in Nebraska. Perhaps the two you saw were tabida, which approaches Whooping Crane in height.


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Subject: [NEBirds] Sandhill Cranes along Lower Niobrara?

Saw a pair of sandhill cranes along the lower Niobrara river this weekend north of Verdigre, Nebraska. The lighting was not great and their size made me wonder if they were whooping cranes. We've seen whoopers in this same stretch in years past during migration, so wondered if it's possible they could be whoopers?


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