Date: 8/3/17 12:45 am
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Subject: [NEBirds] Hastings 7/30/17
Hello Nebraska birders,

No ebird

In Adams County Sunday July 30, Robin and I poked around in Hasting
looking for birds. First, I will show you a list of highlights
followed by details.

American Kestrel
White-winged Dove
Blue Grosbeak

The day before, we had gotten a hold of the Salyards and they
graciously invited us over to look for White-winged Doves and Carolina
Wrens around their house, as they would both be new county birds for
us in Adams County. In Kearney County I heard Blue Grosbeaks singing
the first time I stepped out our front door. On our way to Hastings,
in northeastern Kearney County we saw three American Kestrels. Two at
one power pole and the other at the next. In Adams County at the
Salyards yard we waited a while then went to check out Hastings Lake,
then the Cemetery. While at the Cemetery Phillis gave Robin a call,
saying that they had just seen a White-winged Dove at their feeder.
Back at the Salyards after waiting a while we then walked around their
block. It took a while since that block is two blocks stuck together
on end.
We waited a while longer then while we were walking back to their
front door to tell them that we were leaving Robin spotted two
White-winged Doves on the apex of their roof.

Both Robin and I added one bird to our Adams County lists,
White-winged Dove. Robins new total is 177 while mine is 175.

May your birds be lifers and your troubles temporary.

good birding and goodbye,


Lanny Randolph
2028 34th Rd.
Minden Nebraska
south central Nebraska
north central Kearney County



Posted by: "Lanny and Robin" <snowbunting...>



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