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Subject: Re: [SFBirds] Seeking ID Assistance with a Finch
I would say they are house benches I have about 20 of them to come to my bird feeder in my backyard and I would say at least five or six of them look like this a lot of variations especially in the fledglings when they are coming about my guess but I have several that look like this
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This morning in Lafayette Park I chased around this bird that was hanging out with house finches. Its white belly and general lack of striping is what stood out to me. After reviewing pictures I concluded it was an oddly colored house finch. Then I couldn't leave enough alone and reverted to my old habit of flipping through my guides in search of something interesting. On further review I think the side view of its head might show a little bit of brow and malar striping. I have other pictures -- unfortunately mostly of its butt. Any help is greatly appreciated. I'm not great with my finches. 
Lori LeeSF, CA

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