Date: 8/2/17 6:25 pm
From: Kirk Roth <kirkleeroth...>
Subject: [IN-BIRD-L] Indiana Bird Records Committee activity - spring
The Indiana Bird Records Committee reviewed several records, including
submissions through June 2017. There are many records from this summer
which have not yet been looked at by the committee.

Cinnamon Teal - Greene Co., August 2016- Accept - physical evidence
Black-bellied Whistling-Duck - Greene Co., September 2016- Accept -
physical evidence
Black-bellied Whistling-Duck- Boone Co., November 2016- Accept - physical
Black-bellied Whistling-Duck - Vigo Co., November 2016 - Accept - physical
Yellow Rail - Wabash Co., December 2016 - Accept - no physical evidence
Red Knot - Gibson Co., December 2016- Accept - physical evidence
Ruff - Greene Co., December 2016 - Accept - physical evidence
Ruff - Warrick Co., January 2017 (through March 2017) - Accept - no
physical evidence
Swainson's Hawk - Porter Co., - Accept - physical evidence
Mottled Duck - Gibson Co., - Accept - physical evidence
Mottled Duck - Greene Co., - Not Accepted - documentation inadequate

A report of a Common Raven in Starke County is going to a second round of
discussion, as is a report of two Cinnamon Teal in Laporte County, based on
questions of potential hybridization.

Most of the committee felt that the Mottled Duck report from Gibson County
did not show evidence of hybridization with five votes to accept and one
not to accept, another vote was not counted for a committee member who
observed the bird directly. Mottled Duck is a new addition to the Indiana
State bird list.

Committee members were less certain about the Greene County bird being
purely a Mottled Duck. There were three votes not to accept, two
abstentions, and two uncounted because they were observers, which results
in the record being not accepted. Although we understand that this result
may be unsatisfying to some, it is in accordance with the bylaws under
which the committee must operate, and is also a reflection of the
difficulty involved with this unusual report.

The committee thanks all those who submitted documentations of their rare
bird sightings and appreciates receiving formal documentation.

Kirk Roth
IBRC Chair

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