Date: 8/2/17 2:11 pm
From: Rudy Wallen <arelist12...> [SFBirds] <SFBirds-noreply...>
Subject: Re: [SFBirds] Parakeet Auklet specifics/instructions
Hi Thomas, Park at the USS SF Memorial (see map), go down the stairs to the
coastal trail until you can see Hermit Rock. There are maybe two spots to
see it from. The latest news has people going down near the labyrinth or on
the beach and spotting on the cliffs below the labyrinth.

*This is from the list archives. *
Best seen from the Coastal Trail, most easily reached by parking in the USS
San Francisco Memorial parking lot (,
going down a short set of steep stairs to the trail, and then traveling in
a northerly direction until Hermit Rock is visible through a break in the
trees, located here'08.7%


SF birder Adam Winer created this image which gives an excellent overview
of the area; parking, walking route, location of PAAU. Click on the image
for a larger version.

Caveat: cell service in this area ranges from spotty to non-existent.
Latest info:;id=63

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> Hi!
> I can see the eBird hotspot for where the Parakeet Auklet is being seen,
> but I would like to ask for some specifics for where to drive, park, walk,
> and then point my scope. My superpower is my ability to show up 100 yards
> from where a rare bird is, and scope in the wrong direction. I am that guy
> who will call you up from inside a phone booth, and ask you how to get back
> out.
> Tom
> Thomas Geza Miko
> Claremont, Los Angeles County, California
> 909.241.3300 <%28909%29%20241-3300>

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