Date: 8/2/17 9:42 am
From: Bill Whan <billwhan...>
Subject: [Ohio-birds] DOW questionnaire
Yeah, an interesting thing that questionnaire is; I couldn't fill it
out, because some things I entered as 10 on kept changing on the form as
1. No kidding.
The most important thing is money, which is how we often measure the
good. The folks who legally enjoy shooting and trapping and hooking
animals are regulated, and a lot of the money spent on pleasing them and
regulating their pursuits is what ODNR needs. They are not, we must
admit, much concerned about the money involved in birders' pursuits,
because we don't cost anywhere near as much: it's hard to do more than
impose taxes on binoculars on folks who do very little to wear out
habitats or remove critters. Sure, ODNR needs lots of money, but a large
percentage of it goes to enlist, take care of, and police
folks who are killing animals on public lands. Perhaps that's why the
questionnaire didn't help me express my opinions.
I imagine if birders stopped going afield during shooting season, that
would be OK and maybe better for the ODOW folks. But imagine, if you
can, how much fewer $ it would cost to restrict hunting, fishing, and
other lethal pastimes on public lands.
Bill Whan


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