Date: 8/2/17 8:04 am
From: Bill Whan <billwhan...>
Subject: [Ohio-birds] more on Santa Ana Refuge
Just to clarify, from Edge Wade:
This is from the National Wildlife Refuge Association,
<nwra...> :

"Two weeks ago, we learned that the Administration had been working in
secret for months on preparations to construct a border wall through
Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge in South Texas. Since then, we™ve
learned a bit more about the proposed wall:

Wall construction could begin as early as this November with
already appropriated funds that have been moved from other programs

The Administration plans to waive standard environmental impact
studies and bypass all environmental laws under the authority of the
REAL ID Act of 2005

The wall will be 18 feet tall and approximately three miles long

Last week, the House passed a Defense Minibus that appropriated
$1.6 billion for border wall construction in FY18; however, the fate of
this bill is still largely uncertain in the Senate

The planned route for the wall would cut off the Visitor Center
from the refuge

If the wall were constructed as described it would eliminate migratory
movements of mammals, which could include endangered ocelots and other
wildlife leading to genetic inbreeding and eventually species
extinction. The concrete levee wall could also result in increased
flooding within the refuge, trapping and drowning wildlife that would be
unable to escape.

Santa Ana NWR is an economic powerhouse that generates an estimated $462
million to the local economy and hosts 165,000 visitors each year. A
border wall cutting off the Visitor Center from the rest refuge would
discourage visitation “ if the public were still even allowed to visit!
As of now, we still don™t know how the wall would affect public access
to the refuge.

Because the wall would disrupt the environmental integrity of one of the
most biologically diverse areas in the U.S. and the National Wildlife
Refuge System, the Refuge Association opposes the construction of the
border wall through the refuge. We believe that the Administration needs
to conduct a broader assessment for the best placement of infrastructure
and border technology to serve its purpose."

Edge Wade

Conservation Partnership Coordinator




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