Date: 8/1/17 7:22 pm
From: Mary Warren <windbird...>
Subject: Re: [Ohio-birds] Ohio Div of Wildlife Survey
Hans makes some very good points. Birders unite and let your voices be heard. And be willing to pay for access to birding places in Ohio. Tell the Division of Wildlife what you think. Do the survey. They are asking for your thoughts, I hope they are listening also.

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> On Aug 1, 2017, at 9:23 PM, Haans Petruschke <haans42...> wrote:
> Hi,
> Keep in mind who pays the bills for the Division of Wildlife. It is
> Hunters and Fisherpeople. Unless they buy a Wildlife legacy stamp, check
> off on their state tax return, or have a Wildlife license plate, birders
> make zero financial contribution. Yet they use wildlife areas
> extensively. If you want the division to pay more attention to the
> binocular crowd, rather than the hook and bullet community, why not suggest
> a means for birders to also make a financial contribution? An annual pass
> to use state wildlife areas might be a way? Maybe if the division charged
> a daily entry fee at Magee Marsh it would raise a tiny fraction of the
> revenue that hunting and fishing licenses, plus duck stamps, generate to
> preserve and maintain wildlife areas?
> Ohio is fairly unique in that we have free access to all of these areas, as
> well as state parks and metroparks. In many other states birders often
> have to pay to enter birding areas owned by the state or local park system.
> Preserving bird and birding habitat happens by making a financial
> contribution to the entities that actually own and manage the land.
> Keep that in mind when you fill out the survey
> Haans
>> On Tue, Aug 1, 2017 at 8:59 PM, Lyn Boone <boonel...> wrote:
>> I agree, Steve, that the choices in the survey are all "stacked" toward
>> hunting/fishing. I took the survey, ranked the options, then used the
>> comments box to say that wildlife viewing, appreciation, and conservation
>> should have equal time.
>> Lyn Boone
>> Granville, Ohio
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