Date: 8/1/17 2:04 pm
From: Donna J. Memon <donna...>
Subject: Re: [AZNMbirds] SEAZ: Tucson Migration morning flight 29-31 July 2017
Thanks for your insight Tim. I will have to start
looking up earlier in the day :)


At 11:50 AM 8/1/2017, Tim Spahr wrote:
>Hi Donna, this is a good question.ツ In the case
>of birds in the east, and some of the birds in
>the Tucson area, they are migrants and not
>breeders so we know they are 'on the
>move'.ツ The most prominent species in morning
>flight where I live in Massachusetts will be
>thrushes (largely Swainson's) and Blackpoll
>Warblers; these are clearly migrants.ツ Also,
>we'll often bird locations out on the water, so
>any passerine out there has definitely been on
>the move and is looking for more suitable
>habitat.ツ Timing will also help provide
>clues--this phenomenon does not regularly occur
>outside of migration with the exception of a few
>notable examples (the movement of Chipping
>Sparrows in Colorado post-breeding, for example)
>Hope this helps a bit!
>On Tue, Aug 1, 2017 at 11:27 AM, Donna J. Memon
><<mailto:<donna...><donna...> wrote:
>Maybe a dumb question, but how do you know they
>are migrating & not just "flying"? I'm very
>interested to know how to do this in my Oro Valley yard.
>At 11:15 AM 8/1/2017, Tim Spahr wrote:
>>Hi Brian, AZNM readers:
>>The subject of 'morning flight' is
>>fascinating.テつ I love this discussion.テつ Us
>>eastern birders (I live in Massachusetts) can
>>often see and hear hundreds/thousands of
>>migrants if the day and location are
>>right.テつ It is encouraging also this
>>phenomenon is being detected in the west.テつ I
>>am looking forward to other reports this fall as more folks are interested!
>>I will note on a couple of my birding trips to
>>SE AZ that I detected a fair bit of morning
>>flight.テつ I hope some other folks might chime
>>in and maybe try the locations where I have had success:
>>1) Mt. Hopkins road, at the observatory gate.
>>テ (around the 13km post).テつ There is an open
>>area up here where when facing south, Josephine
>>Canyon is on the left, and Montosa Canyon is on
>>the right.テつ I had a good spring day when
>>migrants were selecting which of these canyons
>>they'd use for the day.テつ I suspect this spot
>>would be very, very good in the fall, and
>>perhaps spectacular in the event of a little
>>fog or rain.テつ The eBird checklist is here:
>>2) Proctor Road, Madera Canyon.テつ Rather
>>surprisingly (to me) one late April morning at
>>Proctor Road produced a big flight of sparrows,
>>tanagers, and orioles coming up the creek bed
>>from the desert.テつ I had the feeling the
>>birds were out over the desert when the sun
>>came up and flew uphill to the water and
>>deciduous trees they could see in Madera
>>Canyon.テつ This flight included several
>>hundred Lark and Chipping Sparrows, and also a
>>dozen or so tanagers, grosbeaks, and
>>orioles.テつ I suspect monitoring this area
>>could be useful in the future, too. テ
>>I imagine there are other spots, and perhaps
>>more productive spots, than the ones I've
>>listed here.テつ I'd love to get out this fall
>>and poke around for more productive locations to observe this phenomenon! テ
>>Tim Spahr
>>On Tue, Aug 1, 2017 at 12:33 AM, Brian Gibbons
>><<mailto:<thehornedguan...><thehornedguan...> > wrote:
>>Hi Birders
>>The birds are still moving. Saturday was a very
>>light flight, Sunday moderate until I got
>>chased inside by a shower and Monday was
>>moderate but ended early, by about 7 am.
>>If you're interested in trying to count
>>migrants I think the headquarters parking lot
>>at Saguaro National Park East might be a good lookout.
>>29 July
>>Cassin's Kingbird 1
>>Western Kingbird 8
>>Northern Mockingbird 10
>>Phainopepla 2
>>Lark Sparrow 25
>>Western Tanager 16
>>Black-headed Grosbeak 8
>>Lazuli Bunting 1
>>Bullock's Oriole 4
>>Passerine sp 8
>>83 migrants
>>30 Jul
>>Western Kingbird 13
>>Tree Swallow 1
>>Barn Swallow 1
>>Phainopepla 4
>>Chipping Sparrow 2
>>Lark Sparrow 52
>>Western Tanager 32
>>Black-headed Grosbeak 10
>>Lazuli Bunting 2
>>Bullock's Oriole 14
>>Passerine sp 16
>>137 migrants
>>31 July
>>Cassin's Kingbird 1
>>Western Kingbird 15
>>Tree Swallow 4
>>Cliff Swallow 1
>>Northern Mockingbird 3
>>Painopepla 9
>>Yellow Warbler 2
>>Lark Sparrow 27
>>Western Tanager 9
>>Black-headed Grosbeak 5
>>Lazuli Bunting 1
>>Bullock's Oriole 6
>>Passerine sp 3
>>85 migrants
>>Good Birding
>>Brian Gibbons
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