Date: 8/1/17 12:48 pm
From: Ann Truesdale (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: Donnelley and Bear Island WMAs, Colleton Co, SC
Water levels are high at Lodge and Fishburne Ponds in Donnelley. Also
all impoundments along Titi Road at Bear Island are full. So, no
congregations of waders or shore birds to be found at either place.

At Donnelley, there are still some nesting birds in the rookery near the
office and also at Savage Backwater.

At Bear Island I was lucky to see both Least Bitterns and Green Herons
pop up out of the marshes. And at the "end of state property" sign there
was an osprey perched on a power pole with 3 others circling overhead.
Looked to be a happy family group. Also, two Mississippi Kites were
soaring over Titi Road about half way in.

Ann Truesdale
Meggett, SC
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