Date: 8/1/17 12:42 pm
From: Cherrie Corey <cherrie.corey62...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] A Relocated MassBirder's Report from VT
After 40 years of birding in Concord and much of eastern Massachusetts, my husband and I last month relocated to his family homestead in Marlboro, VT (just 8 miles north of the western Mass. border). He and I met at Marlboro College some 40+ years ago and this is where my botanical and birding passions truely took hold. Returning here older, wiser, and more field experienced, I’ve been made dizzy in just these last two weeks by the wildness and diversity that abounds on just our 45 acres of meadow and woodlands…much of it witnessed right from our kitchen window and back porch. In the wake of climate change, I’ve been relieved to find certain wildflowers (wetland orchids especially) and birds right where I remember encountering them in the ’70’s and still largely unencroached by invasive plant spread.

Doug Chickering’s report of a broad-wings over his yard this week, prompted me to write and share my gratitude for a bounty of birds and wildlife that has surprised me here. My “yard” list doesn’t begin to convey the range of behaviors, interactions, and encounters we’ve enjoyed watching the birds range from apple trees to porch post to forest edges through the insect rich open space above 10+ acres of wet and dry meadow. A broad wing busily hunting about the field edges; an indigo bunting singing in our windows from dawn to dusk; phoebe families in daily acrobatic flights chasing gnats, moths, and each other above the grasses; a turkey vulture (apparently resident) setting down on three separate days in newly mown areas of our yard and field to walk and forage; a daily abundance of bird species, songs, and antics that astounds; and turkeys, of course. To top it off, our second week here, I heard and saw a Cerulean warbler twice in our woodlands (one reported on Wantastiquet by several Brattleboro area birders last year). And not one house sparrow, house finch, starling, or cowbird anywhere in sight!

Butterfly diversity and numbers have also been incredible in the mowing and all habitats here these last two weeks, with 10+ monarch individuals and counting.

Looking forward to joining more western Massbirders on future forays!

(45 acres, but most seen and heard from our back porch overlooking meadow)

Turkey vulture (soaring and feeding in meadow)

Broad-winged hawk (resident pair, and offspring)

Turkey (family)

Mourning dove

Chimney swift (visiting?)

Ruby-throated hummingbird

Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker

Downy woodpecker

Pileated woodpecker

Northern flicker (family)

Eastern wood pewee

Eastern phoebe (families)

Eastern kingbird

Red-eyed vireo

Blue jay (families)

American crow (pair)

Tree swallows

Black-capped chickadee

White-breasted nuthatch

Tufted titmouse

Winter wren

Hermit thrush

American robin

Cedar waxwings

White-breasted nuthatch

Yellow warbler

Cerulean warbler* !!!! (seen and heard)

Black-throated green warbler


Common yellowthroat

Scarlet tanager

Indigo bunting

Chipping sparrow

Song sparrow

Northern cardinal

American goldfinch

I’ll continue to lead programs in the Concord area in the future, but also look forward to savoring, documenting, and sharing my new wild community.

Summer cheer,

Cherrie Corey
Marlboro, VT
(Concord, MA Emeritus)

Cherrie A. Corey
Naturalist and photographer
978.760.1933 mobile <>

Cherrie A. Corey
Naturalist and photographer
978.760.1933 mobile

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