Date: 8/1/17 7:24 am
From: August Froehlich <afroehlich...>
Subject: [Ohio-birds] Ohio Div of Wildlife Survey
I haven't seen any discussion on this list about the recent changes that have occurred at our DOW. Over the past two months there has been an abrupt change in the Director and top leadership, in a climate of high drama (see links below for background.)

As an outcome of this jarring change, the new Director has provided a survey and comment form on the DOW website:

"Our focus is going to be on providing access, additional opportunities, and great customer service. We want to do that by hearing directly from the people impacted. With your help, we can guide the division in a new direction, and Ohio’s sportsmen and women will be better for it."

Please take a moment to do this simple survey, ranking in order of priority a list of items you think should be the focus of the DOW. There is also a generous text box for your input. There is curiously no end date given.

I'm going to leave the controversy out of this post, but suffice to say, there's more uproar over this than just about any development in state government that I can remember. But as birders we have a stake in the outcome of the developments at the DOW, and it would be good for us as Ohioans and as birders for us to provide our considered opinion.

August Froehlich

(Following is a list of links that provide a mix of opinion and news reporting to help provide context for this issue)

Resignation letter of Mike Budzik to Ohio Gov. John Kasich


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