Date: 7/31/17 3:17 pm
From: Laura Paulson <laura...>
Subject: [obol] Re: fun with mergansers
With all the talk of mergansers lately, I thought I would add that a female
Red-breasted Merganser continues near the mouth of Beaver Creek south of
Newport. (There was some discussion on iNaturalist when I first reported
this bird on July 15 on whether it was a Common or a Red-breasted with Mike
Patterson ultimately taking a first-hand look and confirming the original
ID.) I had thought for a while that she was unwell but today she was
fishing and acting normal.

An immature Hooded Merganser was present as well during the morning OPRD
kayak tour. Now we need a Common to show up so I can have a trifecta.

Laura Paulson
Beaver Creek SNA volunteer

On Sun, Jul 30, 2017 at 9:55 PM, Alan Contreras <acontrer56...>

> Since we are on mergansers, another thing to keep in mind is that in late
> summer and early fall, there are sometimes large rafts of Common Mergansers
> in the outer parts of coastal estuaries where we would normally expect
> Red-breasted. At Florence they occur every year between the Coast Guard
> station and the crabbing pier, sometimes further toward the jetties. As
> the fall moves along, these birds seem to move to more usual upriver
> fresher-water locations.
> Many of these are rather scruff imm birds, but they still have the hefty
> bill and obvious white chin of a Common. The fact that there are fifteen to
> forty of them packed into a feeding group is your first clue that they are
> Commons, as Red-breasteds usually don’t do that in Oregon (they do
> elsewhere). Also, Red-breasted tends to show up in any numbers later in
> fall.
> Alan Contreras
> <acontrer56...>
> Eugene, Oregon
> On Jul 30, 2017, at 9:39 PM, David Irons <LLSDIRONS...> wrote:
> Greetings All,
> Given the considerable merganser confusion at Fernhill Wetlands in early
> July, I thought I would post a couple of close-up shots of a very similar
> juvenile Hooded Merganser that Shawneen and I saw at Koll Center Wetlands
> today. After the apparent "rediscovery" of a Red-breasted Merganser at
> Fernhill Wetlands on July 4th (Shawneen found a Red-breasted Merganser at
> this site in mid-May), a number folks who went looking for it and submitted
> eBird checklists that included sightings of Red-breasted Merganser. Many of
> those checklists either included photos of bird that looked very much like
> this one, or written descriptions that better fit a young Hooded Merganser.

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