Date: 7/31/17 1:05 pm
From: Shively, Steve -FS <steveshively...>
Subject: [LABIRD-L] STKIs?
Just got a report from a non-birder (lifelong hunter/outdoorsman) of 15-20 "kite-like" birds with forked tails swooping low over a bean field near Cotile Lake, Rapides Parish. He thought they may have been trying to flush up insects. When he used the word "kite" he was referring to the shape of the tails, like that of a kite, not to a specific group of raptors. When shown field guide image of Mississippi kite he looked long and said "maybe." When shown field guide image of swallow-tailed kite he immediately said "that's it." But he didn't notice contrasting black and white pattern. Said the sun was in his eyes. For what it's worth.

Steve Shively

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